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Clinical Trials

Every prescription medication that you, or other members of your family take or have taken and most medical procedures you or they have had, went through a process called clinical trials.

For something to be approved by the FDA for use by the public, there is a long and arduous process.  For a new medication, it takes years for a chemical compound to be discovered and to go through all the stages of testing necessary for final approval.

Family Doctors Physicians Simi Valley CA
Family Doctors Physicians Simi Valley CA

One of the unique aspects of our practice is that the doctors at Alta California Medical Group started a Clinical Trials Program in 2003, under the direction of Dr. Odio. He has 25+ years of research experience as the Director of Research at the Northride Hospital Family Practice Residency Program, member of the UCLA Multi-Campus Research Committee and as Editor of the UCLA Multi-Campus Research Newsletter.  We are the only primary care clinical trials network in the Simi-Moorpark area.

Our office participates in various clinical research areas, including osteoporosis(in men and woman), diabetes, elevated cholesterol, diabetes with hypertension, hypertension, migraines, asthma, Alzheimer’s, C-Diff, C-Diff vaccine, Hepatitis-C and more.


While clinical trials make up only 5% of our practice, it allows our physicians to be aware of, and involved in, the cutting edge of medical research.

Please call 805-578-9600 to find out more about any ongoing clinical trials, and to see if you  qualify for participation.  You can also email research@altacamedgroup.com

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